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We are the only Award Winning Performing Arts Academy of our kind in the country that writes and produces our own productions, winning awards nationwide.

We have a FREE Open Day in Derby on Friday July 12th, 5pm to 7pm – parents are welcome to reserve places for themselves and their children.

If you have a child who dreams of being on the big stage or appearing on the screen one day – signing up with 2BEEZ Performing Arts Academy could just quite be that first step you take leading your child’s success in this highly competitive industry.

2BEEZ is a place where youngsters can BEE themselves and grow whilst learning the fundamental skills of ACTING, SINGING, & DANCE.

Through your support – your child will be trained in ACTING, SINGING, and DANCE by first class teaching practitioners and lead by industry professionals.

As our 2BEEZ Academy ethos states, “I can” and “anything is possible”. What we aim to do is “Unlock every child’s creative mind and inspire their imagination to physically pursue.”

You can support your child in making all this happen and even more with your child gaining all the confidence needed to fly like a BEE, having so much fun within a safe environment, enjoying making new friends whilst building essential social skills for life along the way.